And changes families like yours.

Here's a whole new way to understand
yourself, your children, and the things that
happen in your family relationships.

Each of us, parents, kids, and teens, have a unique personality type, or COLOR.
Each COLOR has a different set of values, needs, stressors, and motives for behavior. Click on one of the links below to discover the COLORS in your family.

A brief history of how COLOR WORKS!

People have desired an understanding of human behavior for hundreds of years. In ancient times, Hippocrates, Plato, and others, studied people's actions. They discovered that patterns of behavior fell into four groups or classifications. Hippocrates used some very strange words like "choleric" and "phlegmatic" to label each of the four groups. In the last century, modern researchers have found the same four groups... how cool is that? What that means is that the science behind personality types is sound.

Today, we refer to these four groups as personality types. Different researchers have identified these groups by many different names such as "dionysian" or "dominance." Others use letters like "ENTJ" and "ISFP." No matter what the four groups have been called, each group's basic characteristics remain the same. There's always a Freedom-Fighter type, a People-Focused type, a Logical-Thinker type, and a Structured-Traditionalist type. Finally in 1979, Don Lowry assigned a COLOR to each of the four types.

The Freedom-Fighter is ORANGE. The People-Focused type is BLUE.
The Logical-Thinker is GREEN. And the Structured-Traditionalist is GOLD.

Understanding our COLORS, or personality types, can explain why we do what we do. This is especially helpful to parents in understanding why their children whine, hit, bite, make a mess, throw temper tantrums, become defensive, blame others... well, you get the picture. Understanding your child's COLORS also explains why they set the table, take out the trash, help the neighbor rake leaves, comfort you during a mom-meltdown, shadow you during dad-day in the garage, and a million other great things.

On the Parent's COLORS page... you will find brief descriptions of each COLOR. See if you can figure out your COLORS and have fun!

On the Kid's COLORS page... while you will find brief descriptions of the COLORS for children, the process of determining your children's COLORS can really only be completed by either attending one of our "ColorWorks" courses, by working with one of our coaches, or by reading the "Parenting By Personality: The Everything Guide" book. Check out our classes and products pages for exciting ways to learn more about your child's COLORS, and what parenting skills work best with each COLOR.