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Parenting By Personality: The Everything Guide
- By Shannon Ward, M.A.

Full-color, spiral-bound only $24.95

This 400 page book covers EVERYTHING I know about parenting YOUR child or teen according to THEIR personality type. It’s the answer to why those one-size-fits-all parenting books don’t work for every child! It’s the result of 10 years of research and helping families like yours. It’s a fast read. It’s fun. And it teaches you what to do with YOUR individual child or teen as if you had an “Instruction Manual” with their name on it.

The first half of Parenting By Personality is all about you as a parent. You will learn why you parent the way you do and why your kid’s actions can please you or frustrate you. Discover dozens of parenting “do’s” and “don’ts” for your color. The second half of the book is all about your kids and their personality type. Discover a fail-proof, over-arching discipline strategy for each color child that works quickly and consistently. Gain an understanding of the signs of low self-esteem for your child’s color and how to help them appreciate who they are. You will also find hundreds of parenting “to-do’s” for each color child or teen.

Parenting By COLORS 2-hr. DVD

COLOR WORKS! Especially for Parents - Introductory Workshop
- Taught by Shannon Ward, M.A. and Rebecca Bockhart

2-hour DVD and 12-page mini-booklet only $11.95!

Discover your family’s colors for less time and money than going to a movie! In this introductory DVD workshop, you will discover the personality type of everyone in your family. Then we will share with you dozens of parenting hints and tips that apply uniquely to YOUR child’s personality type. We also teach you about about "Cheer Talk" and issuing consequences for each color child or teen. By just applying a few of the new parenting ideas we share with you in this 2-hour class you can see results right away!

This DVD is co-taught by Shannon and Rebecca and comes with a 12-page mini-booklet and Family Color Card.

Homeschool by Personality

Homeschool by Personality: The Quick Guide
- By Shannon Ward, M.A. and Rebecca Bockhart

40-page, full-color booklet only $9.95!

Thinking of Homeschooling your child or teen? Already a Homeschool Parent? Then this booklet is for YOU! It’s been written for both new and seasoned Homeschooling parents with all the ins and outs and ups and downs of homeschooling in mind. There are four steps in this booklet written to help any Homeschool parent more effectively teach their child according to that child’s personality type, or COLOR.

Step One: LEARN more about each person’s colors as a teacher or as a student. This section will also help you determine your colors and your child’s colors if you are new to personality types.
Step Two:
Discover a STRUCTURE that will help you keep everyone’s colors in mind as you homeschool each day and balance your sometimes conflicting roles of teacher, parent, and individual.
Step Three:
Build a deeper UNDERSTANDING of how each color learns at home, copes with stressors, works with siblings, and completes projects.
Step Four:
ACTION! This section focuses on what to do next and how to approach common teaching/parenting frustrations. Here you’ll find dozens of practical “how-to’s” that you can apply right away!

This booklet is a must have for EVERY parent whether you formally teach your children at home or you help them with homework after a long day in a public school classroom. Let’s face it… teaching and parenting go hand in hand! We could all use a little inspiration when it comes to helping our children or teens learn everything from math to being honest or from spelling words to doing what’s right.

Parenting By COLORS Book 1

ColorWorks For Parents DVD/CD Home Learning Kit
- Taught by Shannon Ward, M.A. and Rebecca Bockhart

ColorWorks For Parents I & II: 8 hours of instruction on 7 DVDs, 2 workbooks, 2 laminated charts, 2 “cheat cards”, a practice CD, and 2 hours of FREE tele-coaching - Just $74.95!

Now you can attend both ColorWorks For Parents classes in your own living room! This all inclusive set offers a complete toolkit that will teach you how to end tantrums, diffuse conflict (even with your teen), turn-around misbehavior, discipline effectively in every situation, and improve everyday communication between you and your child. This course can transform your family within hours of opening the package!

Discover each family member’s personality type, or COLORS. Learn to apply parenting skills that will teach your children GRATITUDE, COMPASSION, RESPONSIBILITY, and ACCOUNTABILITY according to THEIR color. Build your child's or teen's self-esteem according to their personality type. Help your kids grow into balanced, happy, healthy adults.

This kit includes everything you see in the picture: 7 DVDs, 2 booklets, 2 laminated charts, 2 cheat cards, and a BONUS Refresher CD loaded with dozens of real-life "Ask, Be, Do" examples covering each COLOR.

PLEASE NOTE: The DVD recordings in this kit were filmed and edited by ColorWorks creator and trainer Shannon Ward, M.A., and certified ColorWorks trainer Rebecca Bockart. They are not professionally recorded. This keeps our costs low. Currently this kit is available for about the same price as attending both classes in person. Get the kit now at this low price.

Group kits available! Please contact Shannon Ward for kit sizes and pricing. 402.510.2800