Here are real stories from real parents
who have applied
ColorWorks For Parents.

"I loved the class, I have learned so much about my children and their colors! I have applied the skills that I have learned from the class to our daily life, according to my child's color , and the outcomes have been amazing! She is very passionate and enthusiastic about what she does, and the skills taught really do work if you want them to."

-Erin B., NE

"I think having another tool in your parenting toolbox makes you prepared and ready for anything your children will need from you. Parenthood is emotional and messy and using colors to help simplify emotional needs and physical needs is brilliant! Family Color Works has created an approach to our son that is rewarding, relaxing, and fun for our family. We enjoy our son instead of reacting to our son. It has also helped our marriage relationship as well. We are team parents now!"

-Janine V., NE

"I loved it!!! Very informative and fun! I loved Shannon's teaching style. Very relaxed atmosphere and fun!!! I always left her class energized to start "working" on my children with a fresh attitude toward parenting! Recommend? Why not! It was very informative.... fun....and gave you a new and different perspective into what our children are like and why they do the things they do."

-Heidi N., NE

"Great. My eyes were opened to the motives behind the actions of people according to their color. That has helped me to be more compassionate. I liked her enthusiasm, genuine care for everyone's needs and her willingness to help outside of class. It was a fun and useful parenting tool. It is true that parents can be overwhelmed by the tips and tricks for parenting out there today, but this course has staying power.

This course is something I am truly excited about. I even told my children's doctor about it. I believe families can use this course to better understand and communicate with each other. Any puzzle piece I can pick up along the way in my quest to complete the jigsaw of family dynamics is a must. This is one of those."

-Sara K., NE

"Awesome! Our home was previously filled with raised voices and disparaging looks at particularly our son. Now, we're providing more information for him and divert much of his anger and rage. We have the words to use when he needs to be corrected. Best of all, we're enjoying each other's company and our relationship has improved vastly. I am amazed and extremely grateful.

This process is inspired! It works! Here's the best "how to parent" I've experienced. Best of all, this process will continue to work as our children age. This is a hands-on how-to that can be easily understood and applied."

-Cece T., NE

"I loved it!! Whenever I can get a chance to learn more about how people think and react to everyday situations I am excited. I have always been interested in human interaction. Recommend? Yes, because it is so important to cultivate a calm, happy relationship with our children and spouses. We can never have too much help in this area.

I come in contact with so many families with young children that are frustrated and just throw up their hands when it comes to dealing with childish behavior. This class was extremely helpful in first understanding children and their behaviors and then in learning new more effective ways to deal with those children that leave everyone feeling more understood and happy within their family."

-Laura H., NE

"I loved it!! I learned so much about my WHOLE family. It was excellent information and something EVERY person should hear. It helps in your marriage and with your kids. I used " counselor talk" on my six year old son in the midst of a meltdown and within less than a minute we had things diffused and ready to solve the problem. It was amazing!! I try to find out why we are having the meltdown instead of going immediately into punishment mode. My three year old is now starting to tell me he is frustrated with me and then tells me why."

-Sarah A., NE

"It was very informative and helpful to learn about the different personalities of my family members. After each class, Shannon would give us an assignment on what she taught that day to go home and try it. I can say that every time it worked just like she said it would! It was also a lot of fun to learn about ourselves, our families, and our friends and how we all interact with each other. Very informative, and it works! It helps with dealing with your family members.

I would highly recommend Shannon's Color Works class! It is fun, upbeat, very informative, and helps us understand ourselves, our family members, and our friends, and how we relate to them. Everything she teaches in the class works! Better communication and better understanding of each other. Blow ups have been defused and when there is a meltdown, it doesn't last very long. I feel like we are all happier because of what I have learned and implemented from this class!"

-Cindy L., NE

"I think it was a wonderful experience. It has helped so much in the way I handle my kids....not to mention my hubby! I had a great time and learned so much. Loved the personal stories. How the skills relate to real life experiences helped me a lot. It is just so interesting and true how each of the colors respond best to different things. I would DEFINITELY recommend this course to anyone with more than one kid.

The "one size fits all" style of raising your kids just isn't true! I have seen such an improvement in my kids' behavior since I have started explaining things more to my 5y/o green-gold, cheering on my 4y/o blue-orange and keeping my little 2y/o gold on a schedule! I love this class. The whining in my home has gone down dramaticly and the stress of tantrums and fits is GONE!!! YAY COLOR LADY! I was always stressed and seemed to be yelling a lot. The whining and fits drove me NUTS! Since I have figured out my colors, my kids colors and what they need it has been a different home. Add in the "Ask, Be, Do" and I am seeing happier, calmer children and a less stressed and much happier mommy!"

-Lynn E., NE

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